Just Plum Delish


Thanks ladies at exercise class for the giant bag of perfectly ripe Italian plums. Of course they turned into a crisp that used an entire cube of butter and nearly a cup of sugar, thereby negating a month’s worth of senior aerobics, but what the heck.


K said it was the best ever. Using, once again, a variation of the crisp topping I found on Eat. Think. Drink., which bb found on blazinghotwok, which Darlene modified from Ina Garten. Phew. When summer fruit season ends it’ll be back to store-bought-cookies and ice cream for our guests. Poor guests.

(Modifications, since K is trying to cut down on sugar, included 100% of the butter, half the sugar throughout, and half the flour though 100% of the lovely oats and almonds. And I made it in an 8×8 square pyrex instead of individual ramekins. What can I say? It was midweek and not for a dinner party, we were being casual.)

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  1. Richard Said,

    September 4, 2009 @ 2:56 am

    Ohmygod I can taste that SO CLEARLY!

    And I approve of the sugar reduction on conceptual grounds … you do need some for scientific cooking reasons, but fruit in general is SO flavourful and sweet that most recipes truly gild the lily.

    Anyway, YUM. :)

    (also: I pickled a couple jars of these from the neighbors tree … slightly underripe for firmness, and loaded with New Mexico chile flakes, ginger, and allspice. Yes, I’ll share.)

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