house1 So back in 2009, work was slowing down, family and Christmas festivities were over, and I had this chance to go to France and not pay for lodging.

So I went.

And I put this blog up as a way to keep in touch with friends.

Like all good things, France came to an end (well, France is still going strong, but my time there came to an end…), as did my job.

“How long can I take to recuperate from 416 weeks of overtime,” I wondered? “Plus some thinking, writing, cooking, and what’s-nexting?” I gave myself a year.

Let me tell you, thinking, writing, cooking and what’s nexting makes time freaking FLY. And so my year in the slow lane came and went, and as if just having written it made it so, 12 months later, marketing consulting work started rolling in. Which put an end to the blog (it was time).

But now France has reared its head yet again, and there are meals to be documented……..