1/23: A Gambol to Bandol

Had the worst croissant ever today and a below average coffee after the waterfront market in our village, but the place had character at least. bruscmktShould have followed my instinct and ordered a plate of coucroute (sauerkraut, sausage, ham, hocks, more sausage, etc.) from one of the TWO market carts. At 9 a.m.  In a market with fewer than 20 stalls. (note the bay and bobbing boats behind them. painfully picturesque!)

After going out of rhythm in the middle of the night I’m hoping a steady diet of espresso and pork fat will get my heart back on track.

We met French friends back in Bandol for lunch at a waterfront restaurant (decor: Jetsons meets the America’s Cup). This time the moules were excellent (though I had the risotto, also excellent.), and served in the cutest pots with deep lids for the cast-off shells. I’ll bet I could find them at Carrefour, but schlepping them home…oy. bandol1Tarte tatin with caramel on a puff crust, and orange tart on a shortbread crust were included for 15e. And another bottle of excellent Bandol Rose. Then a promenade and an espresso, and a few wrong turns home for a nap.

Dinner was a snack of chacuterie and pastis at home, followed by a crepe-off: banana and chocolate by b1 (eh…try again with home-made chocolate sauce…) and lemon, butter and sugar from me. We each think we won………

February 4th, 2009 10:01 pm

I can see it now. You’ll get home, jump off the plane into the car, and have Keith drive you straight to QFC for a can of Spaghetti-O’s, all the while complaining that “If I had to have one more seaside lunch with delicious food and refreshing rosé I think I’d go crazy!” Or not. Maybe I’m just jealous. No, make that I AM jealous. Wow…even with the tech issues and bad croissants, I along with everyone else is eating their heart out. But glad you get to be there, too. Enjoy for those of us who can’t!!

Jill Weisensee
February 6th, 2009 10:28 am

So nice to read about your trip…although I’m chartreuse with envy! Your bit about the canned foods was interesting, although I think I’ll stick with Dennison’s chili! The ugly American coming out, I know…but cassulet in a can just sounds wrong! (I guess you could say the same about chili!)

Miss you! Keep the posts coming!

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